What does it mean to be white? MTV’s ‘White People’ is a groundbreaking documentary on race that aims to answer that question from the viewpoint of young white people living in America today. The film follows Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and filmmaker, Jose Antonio Vargas, as he travels across the country to get this complicated conversation started. ‘White People’ asks what’s fair when it comes to affirmative action, if colorblindness is a good thing, what privilege really means, and what it’s like to become the “white minority” in your neighborhood. For more information on ‘White People,’ and to join the conversation, head to race.lookdifferent.org.  

Thought this was something different that needed to watched.  Made me sick back and really think about what it was to be “white”.  Me being the “minority” never really thought much about the “white” person and where they came from and what it meant to be “white”.  Let me know some of your thoughts.

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  1. Amazing documentary! It should be something shown in schools to get the conversation started and “white” people thinking about this issue.


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