Rhythm Roulette w/ Tuxedo (Mayer Hawthorne & Jake One)

Jake One and Mayer Hawthorne form like Voltron to become production duo Tuxedo.  The pair stopped by Good Records—the shop, not the label. With tied bandanas over their eyes, they grabbed up three random records to sample.

Although the soundtrack to Blue Thunder had them somewhat thrown off, they also came up with a 12-inch single by Logg, and the Gamble & Huff sure shot, MFSB’s Love is the Message.

You already know Jake One’s style: from Chance the Rapper to 50 Cent, Drake, and Fun, the versatile Seattle beat smith gets it in wherever he feels. Hawthorne’s light-hearted brand of blue-eyed soul has won him fans since his 2009 Stones Throw debut. Tuxedo’s danceable tracks have an undeniable pop sensibility, they also show a heavy G-Funk and 80s electro influence, which shines through on the beat they built for us.

“We got the disco kick offa Log, the rest of the drums from MFSB, and kind of a dramatic sound offa the Blue Thunder soundtrack,” said Hawthorne, who also added his soulful crooning to the sonic stew. “And that’s how you craft a whompin’-ass banger, Tuxedo style.”

So check out the creation of the record in the video down below.  Also go check out there new album Tuxedo II now on iTunes.

Tuxedo Drops “Intuxication”

Tuxedo drops a mix titled, “Intuxication”, a collection of classic funk, disco, and exclusive instrumentals just ahead of new album.  The album, Tuxedo II, drops today 3/24.  Make sure you guys head over to iTunes to purchase the album.

The mix features music from legends like George Clinton, Gladys Knight, Mono Poly, Chic, Boeing and more.  Check out this playlist:

Slave “Watching You” (Tux Refux)
Gwen McCrae “Doing Cuz It Feels Good”
George Clinton “Mans Best Friend”
Mono Poly “Needs Deoderant”
Gladys Knight “Save the Overtime For Me”
Tuxedo “Doin My Best” instrumental
Manhattan Transfer “Spice of Life” (Tux Refux)
New Directions “Get Ready Let’s Party”
Goin Federal “Tonight”
Intrigue “I Like It”
Boeing “Dance On the Beat”
Curtis Hairston “I Want You” (M+M Mix)
Amra “Special Kind of Love”
Plush “Coast to Coast”
Chic “I Feel Your Love Coming On” (Tux Refux)
David Joseph “You Can’t Hide Your Love”
BB&Q Band “Imagination”
Le Voyage “All Night Affair”
Amusement Park “Love Showdown”
Krupa “Sunlight”
Tuxedo “Father Stretch My Limo” (Instrumental)
Game “Gotta Take Your Love”
Skyy “Here’s to You” (Tux Edit)
Cross Phyre feat Demetrius “Make It Easy On Yourself”
Tuxedo “Scoot Dogg” (Instrumental)