Welcome To Wakanda: Black Panther Teaser Trailer

This is going to be soooooo good.  Black Panther, starring Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan (Killmonger), Lupita Nyong’o (Nakia), Danai Gurira (Okoye), Forest Whitaker (Zuri), Angela Bassett (Ramonda), Daniel Kaluuya (W’Kabi), Winston Duke (M’Baku, aka Man-Ape (!), Martin Freeman (Everett K. Ross) and Andy Serkis (Ulysses Klaue) arrives in theaters  February 16, 2018.

Marvel Remixes More Covers

After remixing Pusha T, Logic, and more earlier this month, Marvel has come back to drop some more gems.  This time the comic giant remixes Dr. Dre, Nas, Prodigy & Alchemist, EPMD, and Missy Elliot.  You can check them out below.

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As a bonus here is a video of the process from one of the artist Sam Spratt.

Marvel Is Back Again!!!

They keep doing this awesome remix of covers, and I feel it is so amazing for hip hop.  This time the remix Desiigner’s “Panda” and Doctor Strange.  Also King Mez’s “Long Live The King” and Black Panther.



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Marvel vs. UGK

It has been some time since Marvel has graced the world with some new Hip Hop cover art.  Well the wait is over, they have decided to remix UGK.  Usually we get between 4 and 5 covers, but I’m happy with two classics they decided to remix.  What do you guys think of the cover art?  Check them out below and let us know what you think.


Here Goes Marvel Again

Marvel Remixes Drake, Future, Missy Elliott & Curren$y Album Covers.  MTV set down with Marvel’s Editor In Chief to talk about the union between Hip Hop and comics.

Well, the process changed. When we started this, we started knowing that there were going to be certain albums that you absolutely positively f–king had to do a variant to. And those covers were so iconic, and in many cases coincided with such an incredible record, that we knew we had to start there.

Those covers got priority, Nas’ Illmatic was one of those, Dr Dre’s The Chronic was another, NWA’s Straight Outta Compton was yet another. I could keep going, but we knew those were covers we were going to have to do an homage to. I was talking with a few artists, who I know to be hip-hop heads because we correspond all the time, Stanford Green, Damien Scott, and so on, about these.

So since they were involved in running discussions, they got dibs on some of the first ones right out of the gate. Sanford did 3 Feet High And Rising, the “X-Men” cover, so we started there. As we progressed, once we locked down, we just had to be centralized, we imposed on ourselves one rule… And that rule was that every recording artist would be limited to one cover.

We could have done all of the Tribe Called Quest covers, you follow me? [But] we wanted to make sure that we spanned 30 years of hip-hop, and we wanted to span all of the various genres within it. We wanted old school, new school, west coast, east coast… We wanted gangsta, we wanted trap lord. We really wanted to show hip-hop in all its glory. As we moved along, we just checked an artist and an album off the list, and that was that.

Check them out below


Marvel Keeps Recreating Album Covers

“We’re modern mythology that’s stayed relevant for decades because we reflect the world around us,” Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso tellsREVOLT. “These Hip-Hop covers is Marvel shouting back to decades of Hip-Hop artists. We want the dialog to increase.”  

Check out the new album covers below