One the most bizarre video games in history is making a comeback. And it’s got SHAQ!

Shaq Fu. It’s a name that many gamers from the days of the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis remember. We don’t remember it fondly, mind you, but damn it we remember it and now it’s coming back. Never heard of the game? Here’s a look at the old version:

Yep. A Street Fighter knock off starring Shaq. And he fights zombies and mummies. It was bad. Kazaam bad.

Well it looks like the Shaq-tus REALLY. CANT. BE. STOPPED. Because he’s back in a new Shaq Fu!!!

This time around Shaq Fu takes it’s inspiration from old school beat ’em ups such as Double Dragon and adds in a goofy, lighthearted vibe and story. If the gameplay holds up, this could end up being a nice little surprise when it gets released.

And besides, who doesn’t love Shaq?