I can remember watching this “Fade to Black” documentary for the first time.  I was in my apartment,just ripped off the packaging of the dvd.  Just recently purchased what was supposed to be Jay’s last album and I was geeked.  Ive been a fan of his since “Vol 2… Hard Knock Life”, had to go back and listen to the albums before to get some more history on Jay but that is for another post.  Back to this clip, at the time I was just starting to make music myself and also djing at the time.  Timbaland has always been at the top of my list of favorite producers right behind the great Dr. Dre.  Think I washed this portion of the video maybe 50 times back to back and was totally inspired to hit the keyboards, drum machine, and computer to get started.  The video gave me so much inspiration that I wanted to just be in the studio all the time and create music on the regular.  Watch the video clip above and I promise you if making music is what you love to do this will give a needed push to make you never wanna quit on that dream.