Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mothers birthday.  She would have been 64 yrs old.  This is harder then i thought it was gonna be.  No one is ever prepared for a loss, especially a loss as great as a mother.  I try to keep my mind off of what happened but can’t help but to think she is gone.  People say that she is in a better place, but I’m selfish and i feel the better place is here with her family.  Im getting off task.  Today is supposed to be a good day its her birthday.  So today I will do my best to be positive but its gonna be very hard.  My eyes are having a water problem and its hard to continue to write.  As i leave this post just wanna say Happy Birthday Mom and I love you.  

Just because its her day today going to playing one of her favorite songs from her favorite artist, James Brown “The Payback”.