Graffiti Artist Apex Paints Mural In San Francisco Office


San Francisco graffiti artist Apex never veers far from the use of color and geometric lines as tools to create an illusion of depth in his work. This unique technique assists him in the myriad of ways he throws up his tag, to how he approaches large walls for mural work that are often stripped-back but twined in sophistication. Pairing his previous tenure as an architect with his longstanding commitment to graffiti, Apex’s latest undertaking sees him paint a San Francisco office space. After surveying the surroundings, Apex settles on a large panel and opts for grey tones to complement the office’s other interior elements; white tiles, glass, brick walls. Check the video above to see the contemporary artist work up an enticing piece created with dynamic strokes and shapes, and head to his Instagram to stay updated with his art.