Google’s New ASUS onHub Router



Google has tapped ASUS for the latest edition of its easy-to-use OnHub Wi-Fi router, following up the original August release with a brand new version of the gadget. The reason for such a quick follow-up? The addition of “Wave Control.”

Users can now speed up the Wi-Fi signal to a single connected device by simply waving their hand over the top of the device. Outside of the “Wave Control” addition, the new design offers a slightly modified exterior and a “Slate Grey” paint job. Additionally, like its predecessor, the ASUS-assisted gadget is meant to be left out in the open — unlike your typical, ugly router.

You can find out more about the OnHub here. The latest edition of the router can be pre-ordered now via Google Play for $220 USD. 


I need one of thes in my house asap!!!!!  This is really cool, i feel that Google has a game changer on its hands.  Let us know what you guys out there think in the comment section below.  Thanks