Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix,
You have been my weakness for the past few years.  I have been trying to drop the habit you have held on me for quite some time now.  The awesomeness your shows provide have sucked me in and kept me away from the outside world. Of course I still get up and do my responsible adult activities, but I’m tired doing them.  Your shows keep me up until the wee hours of the morning because I say to my self, just one more episode. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem getting up, but at times I just don’t wanna.
The show, House of Cards, I already know for a fact will keep me from sleeping ’cause I will most likely binge watch the whole series in about a day. May 30th cannot come fast enough. Another great show, Sense 8 was amazing. The way the show is written I can’t help but just watch another episode. It doesn’t matter that it’s 3:45 in the morning and I have to get up in less than four hours, I keep watching.
The reason I’m writing this letter to you guys is to tell you that I love what you’re doing. I hope you never stop creating wonderful content for your shows to keep binge watchers like myself watching. Shows like The Get Down, Luke Cage and others keep me checking to see what you guys are coming up with next. Continue to do what you guys do and I will continue to have a love hate relationship with you, mostly love ❤

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