808 (Documentary Trailer)

Some time next month, a documentary about the Roland TR-808 drum machine will be featured on Apple Music. Will feature tons of artists who used the machine when it first arrived in the ’80s.  Also will feature those influenced by its sound.  Check out the trailer below.


Nike’s Self-Lacing HyperAdapt Shoe

Nike’s Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers explain the new power-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 and demonstrate how to charge the sneakers, and tighten and loosen the laces with the touch of a button.  My mouth is wide open with excitement about this shoe Nike has created.  For any shoe head out there, like myself, I just can’t wait for these to drop.  Let us know what you guys think about the shoe in the comment section below.


The Reality Editor App

I need this in my life ASAP!!!!!

Although the world of technology may not be as advanced as we’d like it to be, The Reality Editor is set to make your daily routine a little easier by linking together the smart objects that you own. The app culminates three years of research within MIT’s Fluid Interfaces Lab and has the ability to create an endless amount of possibilities. For example, through the app one may program your lamp to power down upon your departure of that specific room or your car windows may roll up once the stereo is switched off. Nonetheless, the goal is to make life easier while pushing the limits of man-made technology. You can download the app and find further information here