The Science of the Impossible Burger


It’s called the Impossible Burger and it looks, feels, tastes and smells like ground beef, even though it’s made entirely of plants. It’s all thanks to science and genetically engineered yeast. WIRED explores how close it comes to the real thing and if it’s 100% safe.

The story of the fake meat on a mission to change the world with one part soy plant, one part genetically engineered yeast—and one part activism. Ingredients include wheat protein, to give the burger that firmness and chew. And potato protein, which allows the burger to hold water and transition from a softer state to a more solid state during cooking.

So who would give this burger a taste?

Nike’s New Kobe A.D. : “Mamba Mentality”

Kobe Bryant’s legacy continues.

The shoe shows  a stripped down version of the Nike Kobe A.D. NXT and normal Nike Kobe A.D. as each sport a different blueprint-like design on their uppers. Each colorway reflects an emotion in relation to Kobe’s “Mamba Mentality” as purple represents being fearless, red acknowledges passion, yellow reflecting optimism, grey symbolizes Bryant’s neutral yet calm detached emotion and blue as a nod to honesty and trust.

Each model has engineered Flywire cables for enhanced support and strength in addition to a full-length midsole for a lightweight feel on court. Nike’s Zoom Air Unit is placed within its heel for impact cushioning which is complemented by an engineered micro-blade tread outsole for easy movement.

The Nike Kobe A.D. “Mamba Mentality” Pack is set to launch on August 24(8/24) as an homage to both of Kobe Bryant’s jersey numbers.

On August 21, 2017 Watch The Solar Eclipse

For the first time in 38 years, the moon will entirely cover the sun in the US.

On August 21, the moon’s orbit will bring it directly in line between the Earth and the sun, creating a total solar eclipse in the United States for the first time in 38 years. The entire continental US will be able to witness at least a partial eclipse, with a small handful of fourteen states experiencing what will be considered a remarkable celestial event: a total solar eclipse.

The eclipse will start on the West Coast around 10:15 a.m PST, and then make its way east, hitting the East Coast around 2:45 p.m EST. Cities that will get to see the total eclipse include: Salem, Oregon; Nashville, Tennessee; Kansas City, Missouri; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina.

Go See This Eclipse from Alex Gorosh on Vimeo.

Nike’s Self-Lacing HyperAdapt Shoe

Nike’s Tinker Hatfield and Tiffany Beers explain the new power-lacing HyperAdapt 1.0 and demonstrate how to charge the sneakers, and tighten and loosen the laces with the touch of a button.  My mouth is wide open with excitement about this shoe Nike has created.  For any shoe head out there, like myself, I just can’t wait for these to drop.  Let us know what you guys think about the shoe in the comment section below.

World’s Largest Nerf Gun

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, makes the world’s largest Nerf gun.  Not only is this amazing, its even more entertaining .Rober managed to create  a gigantic 4-foot tall version of the Nerf N-Strike Maverick that shoots huge  foam darts at approximately 40 mph using a 3,000 PSI air tank.  I really need to get my hands on one of these pronto.

How Far Can We Go?

Have you ever wondered what is beyond the stars?  Have our scientist and explorers reached there peak?  In the video below it discusses a bunch of topics and sheds the light on our future as a humanity.

Energy Innovation


Our modern lifestyles depend on a huge amount of energy. If you could change the price of one thing to lift up the lives of the world’s poorest people, it would be the price of energy. – Bill Gates 



Getting Creative

Graham Dunning creates a techno track using household items and a turntable.  This is totally creative.  This is how music will be created after the apocalypse (hopefully we don’t get to witness this lol).


Experimental musician Graham Dunning apparently wasn’t satisfied with conventional methods to create a sick techno track, so he decided to create one using old school methods and tricks. With a spinning turntable, a varied selection of modified records, audio equipment and even household items, the impressively stacked “Rube Goldberg”-esque contraption ultimately makes a very convincing techno beat. Watch the mechanical techno demonstration above and see how everything falls into place in the end.

Space Travel Is Real

For the first time, a rocket has touched the edge of space and then successfully landed back on Earth in one piece.  Now that this now possible, how many of you guys out there would give this a try?

NASA 4K Video Of The Sun

“The Sun like you never seen it before”

We’re often told to not look directly at the Sun — the fiery ball of a star in the sky and the source of both energy and light that keeps our world intact. But thanks to NASA, we get a closeup look at the entity with detailed shots of everything that happens on its surface. Captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), this 4K video offers an unprecedented view. The SDO captures images in 10 different wavelengths, each of which helps highlight a different temperature of solar material. A team of specialists at NASA work over ten hours to produce one minute of footage of the sun. 

I Want!!!!!!

Rhei Liquid Clock by Damjan Stanković

I think I’m way to excited about a clock, but this clock is like nothing I never saw before.  The clock is different in every way.  It would look really nice in my possession anywhere in my house.  What are you guys thoughts? Let us know.

NASA Releases 8,400 Images of Past Moon Missions

“Around 2004, Johnson Space Center began re-scanning the original Apollo Hasseelblad camera film magazines, and Eric Jones and I began obtaining TIFF (uncompressed, high-resolution) versions of these new scans on DVD. These images were processed for inclusion on our websites, including adjusting color and brightness levels, and reducing the images in size to about 1000 dpi (dots per inch) for the high-resolution versions.” 

You check out the pics on NASA’s website here.

Cranky robots

Before Artificial Intelligence takes over humanity as the world’s dominate entity, they will start off simple by just being jerks for no reason.

Tesla’s Charger Prototype

Me personally I wasn’t too keen on the Tesla car, but seeing this changed my mind.  When I first saw this my mouth dropped wide open.  The video isn’t that long but i was mesmerized.  If my pockets were just a little bit deeper, I would definitely invest in this Model S by Tesla.

Scientist Says He Hasn’t Showered In 12 Years!!!! (WTH)

Mother Dirt claims to use natural bacteria to help a body stay clean without the need for washing.
‘I haven’t taken a shower in 12 years’: MIT scientist gives up on washing and claims to keep clean by spraying live bacteria on his skin
Chemical engineer and MIT grad Dave Whitlock strives for good bacteria
Helped found company AOBiome that sells live bacteria spray for skin
Got good bacteria idea after friend asked him about horse taking a dirt bath
Whitlock occasionally takes a sponge bath to wash away grime on his skin
What did one man learn during his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?
Not to shower… ever.
That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is no joke that chemical engineer and MIT grad Dave Whitlock has not showered in a dozen years because he wants to preserve bacteria on his skin.

Ummmm is this true or just plain crazy.  Im not sure how i feel about this, seems like a good idea.  Let us know what you guys think.

Who Would Travel To Mars?

I’ve recently started reading for leisure. The new book i’m reading now is “The Martian” by Andy Weir. The fiction novel follows an American astronaut, Mark Watney, as he becomes stranded alone on Mars and must improvise in order to survive. The novel for me is very hard to put down, a awesome page turner. While reading the novel it made me wonder? Could I drop everything and travel to Mars? The answer is…..Yes. It would be awesome to travel to outer space and see what’s going on up there. According to NASA, a vessel with humans on it would take roughly six months to travel to Mars and another six months to travel back from Mars. In addition, astronauts would have to stay 18-20 months on Mars before the planets re-align for a return trip. In all, the mission would take roughly 2 1/2 years. How do you guys feel about this? Would you travel to Mars?

Check out “The Martian” trailer below

Pluto Has A Heart

This is something different from the blog, but wanted to highlight how awesome science is.  This is some information from NASA’s New Horizons: A “Heart” from pluto.

After a more than nine-year, three-billion-mile journey to Pluto, it’s show time for NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft, as the flyby sequence of science observations is officially underway.

In the early morning hours of July 8, mission scientists received this new view of Pluto—the most detailed yet returned by the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) aboard New Horizons. The image was taken on July 7, when the spacecraft was just under 5 million miles (8 million kilometers) from Pluto, and is the first to be received since the July 4 anomaly that sent the spacecraft into safe mode.

This view is centered roughly on the area that will be seen close-up during New Horizons’ July 14 closest approach. This side of Pluto is dominated by three broad regions of varying brightness. Most prominent are an elongated dark feature at the equator, informally known as “the whale,” and a large heart-shaped bright area measuring some 1,200 miles (2,000 kilometers) across on the right. Above those features is a polar region that is intermediate in brightness.

“The next time we see this part of Pluto at closest approach, a portion of this region will be imaged at about 500 times better resolution than we see today,” said Jeff Moore, Geology, Geophysics and Imaging Team Leader of NASA’s Ames Research Center. “It will be incredible!”  

Check out the “Heart” on Pluto