The Trill Cosby Show

Hello everyone.  Today was a usual day for me sort of, I was off.  Been working like crazy but I like it so no complaints from me.  So I pick my phone off the charger and start to go through it.  Checking for e-mails and updates that happen when I was asleep.  It’s the usual, someone posted a live video, sports updates, Huffington post news stuff ect.

Scrolling down my Instagram feed and I happen to this video that caught my eye and I couldn’t stop watching.  It was a music video for a song called, How You Feelin? by an artist named Lew Sid.  The video was a remake of some of the Cosby Show openings.  Took my back to my childhood.  Oh how I love that show.  The song itself was a sample of the opening music that was used for the show also.

The concept was just pure genius.  The video was very creative and the song is actually amazing also.  Check out the video down below and let us know what you guys thing in the comment section.

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