The Angry Sneakerhead

The weekend has came and went, yet and still I was not so lucky.  Well in shoes that is.  The SB Dunk Low Pro “Black Pigeon” was released on Saturday the 11th of November.  The original 2005 “NYC Pigeon” was ahead of its time.  Released in 2005 for 55.00, can now be seen sold on the market for around 500.00.  To be honest i slept on those.  At the time I was out of my “Dunk” faze.  I was back on the Jordan hype, grabbing any shoe I could get my hands on.  Now that I’m older I tend to lean toward a more simple and relax shoe.  The “Black Pigeon” would have been a perfect fit in my collection.

Now the rant starts.  Why won’t @Nike just make enough for the masses to enjoy.  This making few amounts for the “real” sneakerheads just needs to stop.  Everyone out is not about the hype I would like to believe.  Not everyone wants to resell the shoes.  I just want a pair to actually just wear and post up on my social media feeds as my #kicksoftheday.  Nothing major just want the chance to get a shoe without the hassle of driving from store to store, and making phone call after phone call.  Also don’t wanna have to deal with the store employees saying they don’t have any shoes, knowing they do and just saving the shoes for there fellow “sneakerheads” so they can just turn around and resell them.

I love shoes and the feeling I get when I put a brand new pair on.  It’s amazing, so amazing its hard to put it in words.  So @Nike it would so nice of you if you would make the shoes more available for the O.G. “sneakerheads” like myself to have that amazing feeling of getting shoes and adding to the collection.

For those who don’t know of the shoe I’m referring to, check out the pic below:



N.E.R.D. Is Back!!!!!

The amazing group N.E.R.D.(No one Ever Really Dies) is finally back dropping some new music.  There new single “Lemon” featuring Rihanna is just short of fantastic.  Check out the new song and let us know what you guys think about about it.  Oh and by the way this is the #Justlisten track for today.


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