The Shop

Ok so we all know that the Warriors didn’t sweep the Cavs, and I know people are a bit sad.  At the end of the day its just a game.  Look at me, I am a huge Laker fan and I know its going to be a good long while before we are back in the conversation for the finals, better yet the playoffs.  This is a great video by Uninterrupted about what happens at the barbershop.  The conversations that went on were from various topics such as, the NBA, Olympics, music, football and more.  Featuring Lebron James, Draymond Green and many more.  Check out the video down below and get your mind off a game 4.  Game 5 is Monday.

Pharrell – “Yellow Light” (Video)

Big thanks to the minions, Pharrell is back.  Skateboard P has released the video for his solo track, “Yellow Light”, which is the first single off the Despicable Me 3 soundtrack.  The very retro laced and heavy special effects video goes very well with the upbeat, bright, and bubbly song.  Check out the video down below.