Rappers Doing Good

Rapper Vince Staples and Levi’s develop Music Technology Program in Long Beach.  Always representing his home town, Long Beach, Vince does some good for the youth .  Levi’s and Staples joined forces to provide a opportunity for those who may have never had the opportunity to do something like this.


Common’s “Lovestar” Documentary

Talking about the short film’s inspiration, Common tells Essence

“When I wrote the song, I was thinking about when you really love a person. I thought about when I love a woman and I can enjoy her, but at the same time she can enjoy me and we can have fun and laugh. But then there’s also a real bond that’s there that has spirituality, growth, support and integrity connected in it. We’re willing to make mistakes, but we’re there for each other; that’s true love.

“So the theme, Love Star, came up just because I thought it was a cool nickname to call somebody that you’re close to. I wanted to show that we revere and hold you high, Black woman. We love you and care for you and honor you.” 

Check out Common’s documentary below and tell us what you guys think in the comments.