Yoshi is sick and tired of your abuse.

Poor, poor, Yoshi. No one ever really stops and thinks about the abuse that poor little guy takes.

I mean he’s made to eat all kinds of things against his will and is basically getting donkey punched as soon as the poor guy cracks out of his egg! Not only that, but the Murderous Mario doesn’t even flinch at sacrificing his green pal just to get to that otherwise unreachable platform.

Well, one day he got sick of it, and now the tables have been turned.

I want this game to be real!

One of the best scenes from the Star Wars prequel “The Phantom Menace” was without a doubt the pod race. One of the best combat-oriented racing games ever made was Super Mario Kart.

When you put the two together you know what happens?

Amazing happens.

This is a really well done video made by the folks over at Dark Pixel. You can tell a lot of love was put into the vid, as the CGI is incredibly well done, and they nailed the whimsical nature of the Mario Kart series.

This reminds me of all those times I would play this game at my cousins house. It also reminds me of how much I could hate those godddamn blue shells!!!!


The Internet Covers N.E.R.D.’S “Tape You”

Ive been a fan of N.E.R.D. since they first came on the scene.  There first album, In Search Of…, was when we first got a taste of this awesome group.  I feel in love with them with this album.  A little bit of history on the album is that they first recorded it without any instruments, all digital music.  Then they switched it all up and rerecorded the album using all live instruments.  “Tape You”  happens to be one of my favorite songs on that album.  Check out The Internets cover of “Tape You” below.

Remembering Kobe’s All-Star Moments

The bittersweet feeling has arrived and we can only imagine what’s going on in the head of the Black Mamba. One last All-Star game and the location is in Toronto, away from his home crowd back in LA. After unveiling in November that the current season would be Bryant’s last in the league, a trend of goodbyes has been set for the man with 5 championship rings along with an endless list of accolades. Receiving the highest amount of All-Star votes among this year’s elite class of NBA players with 1,891,614, you can expect Toronto’s crowd to be on the edge of their seat as they anticipate one final turnaround jump-shot from number 24.