Like movies? Like Linkin Park? Have I got a treat for you!

This is, without question, the funniest thing I have seen in a while.

Back in the early 2000’s, a deluge of “Rap/Metal” bands hit the airwaves with thunderous guitars, pulsing drums, and turntable-twisting DJs. One of the more well known (and respected) groups was Linkin Park. Rapper Mike Shinoda’s flowing delivery coupled with singer Chester Bennington’s soulful screeching in front of a concrete-busting band was enough to give my Rage Against the Machine CD a break when I was in high school. Linkin Park’s first album, “Hybrid Theory” was a massive hit, with several top singles. One of those chart toppers was called “In The End” and some crazy bastard remade the ENTIRE SONG using clips from 183 different movies. One hundred eighty three.

I can not imagine the work that went into this video. The clips he chose and the timing of the words to the song are just hilarious, especially when you get to the song’s bridge that was originally sung by Bennington. If you have heard the original, this part will have you laughing! Check it out!