Warrior’s Basketball

This pains me to do because you guys know its #Lakernation for life but check out this great piece on the Warrior’s on HYPEBEAST.

Absent of context, the notion of a beautiful death sounds like one of those conceptual propositions only poets and samurai can get excited about. But after starting the 2015-2016 NBA season with 23 straight wins – an opening streak that ranks as the best in the history of North American professional sports – the reigning World Champion Golden State Warriors are making basketball fans reassess how pretty a bludgeoning can look.

The most compelling aspect of sports is supposed to be the inherent drama of two relatively equal teams competing against each other at the highest level. So it goes, the closer the game, the greater the suspense. The Warriors and their “lineup of death,” however, are beating teams by an average of 15 points per contest. They regularly end games in the 3rd quarter and display a kind of casually brutal dominance that shouldn’t be fun because blowouts are supposed to be boring. Yet the Warriors are somehow dispelling even that sports truism. They have become the most captivating story in sports, in large part, because of their dominance.


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Banksy piece in a Syrian refugee camp





Anonymous street artist Banksy is bringing awareness to the Syrian refugee crisis. The British artist spray painted an image of Steve Jobs, the child of a Syrian immigrant, on a wall in France’s infamous Calais refugee camp. Banksy painted Jobs standing with an original Mac in one hand and a sack over his shoulder.


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