Netflix and Chillin’

Hello ya’ll.  I was just chillin’ on the lovely Sunday evening watching Netflix and minding my own buisness.  I stumbled on to this show that im currently stuck on, “Master of None” starring Aziz Ansari.  While watching episode 5 “The Other Man”, Aziz is at a work party with his friend as a wing man.  He gets pulled away from a lady wanting to talk to him to get away from from the guy that was talking to her.  They hit it off drinking drinks and just enjoying each others company.  The one thing I noticed was the music playing in the background.  I think to myself, I know this song.  The song happens to be “Every Little Thing I Do”, by Soul For Real.  This song its day was a husge hit.  I can remeber the song being played everywhere and all the time.  The sample that made this song such a hit was “Outstanding” by the legendary Gap Band, they make nothing but classic in my eye but I’m getting off topic.  Listening to this song takes me back to the time when this song was popular.  I caught myself mouthing the words and cracking up.  So for your enjoyment I will share this song with you guys.  So sit back relax and go back into time.