Top 25 Highest Paid NBA Players


1. Kobe Bryant (LA Lakers) – $25 million
2. Joe Johnson (Brooklyn Nets) – $24.9 million
3. LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) – $23 million
4. Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks) – $22.9 million
5. Dwight Howard (Houston Rockets) – $22.4 million
6. Chris Bosh (Miami Heat) – $22.2. million
7. Chris Paul (LA Clippers) – $21.5 million
8. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) – $20.02 million
9. Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls) – $20.1 million
10. Dwayne Wade (Miami Heat) – $20 million
11 (tie). DeAndre Jordan (LA Clippers) – $19.7 million
11 (tie). Brook Lopez (Brooklyn Nets) – $19.7 million
11 (tie). LaMarcus Aldridge (San Antonio Spurs) – $19.7 million
11 (tie). Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers) – $19.7 million
11 (tie). Marc Gasol (Memphis Grizzlies) – $19.7 million
16. Blake Griffin (LA Clippers) – $18.9 million
17. Paul Millshap (Atlanta Hawks) – $18.7 million
18. Paul George (Indiana Pacers) – $17.1 million
19. Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) – $16.7 million
20 (tie). Kyrie Irving (Cleveland Cavaliers) – $16.4 million
20 (tie). Enes Kanter (Oklahoma City Thunder) – $16.4 million
20 (tie). Kawhi Leonard (San Antonio Spurs) – $16.4 million
20 (tie). Wesley Matthew (Dallas Mavericks) – $16.4 million
20 (tie). Greg Monroe (Milwaukee Bucks) – $16.4 million
25. Tobias Harris (Orlando Magic) – $16 million

Side note: Where is Curry?

Underneath the Noise

Dazed & Confused Magazine has released a documentary film by Jon E Price about the UK government’s neglect of basketball as a sport. Even though basketball is the second most popular team sport in the UK, neither the Olympic nor national team has received government funding since July 2014. Compared to its counterparts in other parts of Europe, the British (BBL) and English (EBL) basketball leagues remain severely underfunded with no foreseeable resolutions in the future. Price’s film is a sincere look into the lives of passionate young basketball players of the UK and their denial of opportunity because of the country’s funding criteria based almost entirely on medal prospects. You can watch the documentary above, and read the full article on DAZED

Google’s New ASUS onHub Router



Google has tapped ASUS for the latest edition of its easy-to-use OnHub Wi-Fi router, following up the original August release with a brand new version of the gadget. The reason for such a quick follow-up? The addition of “Wave Control.”

Users can now speed up the Wi-Fi signal to a single connected device by simply waving their hand over the top of the device. Outside of the “Wave Control” addition, the new design offers a slightly modified exterior and a “Slate Grey” paint job. Additionally, like its predecessor, the ASUS-assisted gadget is meant to be left out in the open — unlike your typical, ugly router.

You can find out more about the OnHub here. The latest edition of the router can be pre-ordered now via Google Play for $220 USD. 


I need one of thes in my house asap!!!!!  This is really cool, i feel that Google has a game changer on its hands.  Let us know what you guys out there think in the comment section below.  Thanks