Life Goes On

Moms and me

as i sit here, tears running down my face looking at a picture of my mom and i that a friend gave me.  her big smile as she looks in the camera and me making some crazy face.  i remember the day we took the picture.  it was christmas morning at my cousins house.  had no idea that it would be the last christmas i would spend with her before her stroke.  time goes by and you start to realize that you won’t be able to ever bring that person back, and it breaks my heart.  the world keeps spinning while you sit and try to reflect on what has happened in your life.  I’m not sure if i will ever get over losing a person, but losing a mother is one of the hardest things that has ever happened to me in my life.  i will leave you with something i heard from a friend years ago that turned me on to this group, N.E.R.D. (no one ever really dies).