Scientist Says He Hasn’t Showered In 12 Years!!!! (WTH)

Mother Dirt claims to use natural bacteria to help a body stay clean without the need for washing.
‘I haven’t taken a shower in 12 years’: MIT scientist gives up on washing and claims to keep clean by spraying live bacteria on his skin
Chemical engineer and MIT grad Dave Whitlock strives for good bacteria
Helped found company AOBiome that sells live bacteria spray for skin
Got good bacteria idea after friend asked him about horse taking a dirt bath
Whitlock occasionally takes a sponge bath to wash away grime on his skin
What did one man learn during his education at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology?
Not to shower… ever.
That may be a bit of an exaggeration, but it is no joke that chemical engineer and MIT grad Dave Whitlock has not showered in a dozen years because he wants to preserve bacteria on his skin.

Ummmm is this true or just plain crazy.  Im not sure how i feel about this, seems like a good idea.  Let us know what you guys think.

Oh man I’m not feeling well on this Labor Day…

I have this affliction and it happens every damn year. Football fever. Yep. I’m one of those guys. I’ve been enjoying my copy of Madden ( thoughts on that to come ) and my fantasy draft starts in about 36 minutes as I type this. Oh yes. I’m a geek of many trades my friends. 
So in honor of the start of the new unnecessarily intense season I give you this. 
Oh and go Niners. 

#Justlisten Watercolor Werewolf “Tides”

Watercolor Werewolf seeks to give you that feeling of sun tan nostalgia with the release of “Tides”. The sound machine also known as WW offers up the lead single off their freshman release also titled “ Tides”. “Tides” is a familiar feeling, has the look of an old friend and smells like suntan lotion. The group explains this is just the first wave. The debut full-length, is scheduled to be released soon featuring some major surprises.